Baby tent…Total Game Changer!

This baby tent is a total game changer! Get your own on amazon
I’m totally in love with this baby tent. We are big on spending time outdoors with the kids and have a young child can make that hard. I have a 7 month old so I needed something to use outdoor to keep my son safe from mosquitoes. This tent is perfect for just that. We have a big problem with mosquitos in our yard and my son is too young for bug spray so this is just what we needed for him to be able to be outside with us. This tent works great for sitting outside in our yard by the fire and it’s the best item to have for camping. The tent is so easy to open it just pops out and you then snap the soft bottom on to the bottom. I really love that it has the patted bottom as it makes it nice and soft for baby to lay on and we even use it for baby to sleep in during our camping trip. This tent is great for during the day as well for keeping to much sun from getting to my son when I take his older siblings outside to play. I still use baby sunscreen to be safe as well as so he’s fine when being held. My son loves to roll around inside of this tent with a few small baby toys as well as its great for when he gets sleepy he can just roll on his side and take a nap. This was also perfect for sitting around watching the fireworks my son is still pretty little so I’m sure we will get tons of use out of this tent. The tent is a bit hard to fold up the 1st few times but once we got the hang of how to fold it we can put it up a lot easier.

I received this baby tent at a discount for my honest review.


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