Get to Chopping!

It’s time to get to chopping with this new chopper set. Chopper set on amazon

Need to Chopped French fries, salads, fruit or veggies this has got you covered. This is a great chopper set for making tons of stuff in the kitchen. I got this because we love making homemade French fries and oddly my 5-year-old daughter loves vegetables. Seriously she will ask for cut fruit or carrots and pepper strips with dip before asking for junk it’s amazing lol.  This set is great for making fries we use gold(yellow) or red potatoes most times and they are easy to chop with this set. If the potato is a bit big sometimes you have to cut it in half but I still love this chopper for fries. I did find that it was tougher to cut thru a russet potato but it just took a bit more elbow grease. I hate onions so I’m super happy that I can just peel one and toss it into the chopper with the bowl on and not have to deal with all the fun onion issues and smells. This is great for chopping everything you need to make homemade salsa. It also great for anything you want to toss into a stew, salad or soup. Overall I’m happy with my new chopper set and it’s been a great addition to my kitchen.

Ireceved this chopper set FREE for my honest review.


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